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Active in the field of palaeontology, GIS, and extreme macro-photography, this website gives an overview of my portfolio and ongoing journey in documenting the amazing wonders of nature.

The new brochure of AmberArt is there! Download this pdf (EN)
Want to know a bit more about extreme macro-photography? Download this pdf (EN)
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There is a way to explore my amber photos on my Facebook album: click here or on the image below…

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Update 20/09/2022: The AmberArt file (1.2Gb) was sent to the printer service… 😉
Update 24/08/2022: The brochure of the AmberArt book is finally available here
Update 02/08/2022: Finalizing the AmberArt book… available from the first quarter of October. Do you want to have a look at the content? Click here (this pdf file is periodically updated)

Update 11/06/2022: The Coleopterists Society selected my image of the Platypodidae Coleoptera in amber to feature on the cover of The Coleopterist Bulletin (June 2022, vol. 76, n°2) edition
Update 11/06/2022: A new genus / new specie of lichidae Coleoptera with my photos is published in The Coleopterists Bulletin. Paper available on Researchgate platform
Update 29/05/2022: added a new image in the sub-stacking section.
Update 22/05/2022: a new AberArt brochure is available from here
Update 05/2022: Started a new exciting collaboration with the Hanoi Fossil Museum to photograph in Hi-Res their important Amber Collection 🙂
Update 05/05/2022: Text updated inHow to photograph insects in amber”
Update 26/04/2022: See you at the PALEOTIME NL event the 30/04/2022!
Update 31/03/2022: updated the Dome diffuser page
Update 06/03/2022: Added a new menu Flocking!
Update 14/01/2022: Added a new menu Glossary
Update 09/01/2022: Helicon Focus or Zerene Stacker?
Update 29/12/2021: How to create a nice mirrored image? HERE!
Update 14/12/2021: Short tube lens
Update 12/12/2021: Glycerol yes… glycerol no
Update 10/12/2021: a new OGGLAB bell diffuser? Here is a short test
Update 01/12/2021: Sub-stacking in Helicon Focus
Update 23/11/2021: How to create a Mosaic with Adobe Photoshop
Update 20/11/2021: Calculate the magnification paragraph is added
Update 14/11/2021: Vibrometer app
Update 12/11/2021: Text updated in “How to photograph insects in amber
Update 12/11/2021: The MKJZZ vertical Stand
Update 20/10/2021: Added a GIF animation that shows the stacking process
Update 10/10/2021: Added a recension on the book Frozen Dimensions
Update 09/10/2021: A new great tool from the OGGLAB Laboratory
Update 30/08/2021: For my German friends: from HERE you can download the paper published in the Fossilien Revue 🙂
Update 15/08/2021: I’ve recovered a HUGE number of ambers from a friend collector, with unbelievable specimens! Take your time to have a look at my Facebook page, where I publish the acquired images nearly every day
Update 09/07/2021: A new paper is published in the revue Fossilien.
The coverage illustrates small foraminifera acquired with my setup.
Update 29/05/2021: Added two ants on amber from Baltic Sea
Update 05/07/2021: Cylindrical Lighting system, updated version
Update 24/05/2021: Diffusers & Results
Update 22/05/2021: Before and After
Update 19/05/2021: Creating a bar scale
Update 17/05/2021: Cylindrical LED lighting system (updated)
Update 13/05/2021: Added new very nice mites in Amber from Baltic
Update 11/05/2021: Added an unbelievably detailed mite in Amber from Baltic
Update 08/05/2021: Added a lot of new insects in Amber from Baltic
Update 01/05/2021: Post Processing of the Images
Update 25/04/2021: The Depth of Field
Update 24/04/2021: The acquisition System
Update 22/04/2021: Another wonderful coleopter with open wings is added in Baltic amber section
Update 21/04/2021: An AMAZING Petalium sp. is added in Baltic amber section
Update 20/04/2021 : Added a nice Platygastridae and Aphidoidea in Baltic amber section
Update 17/04/2021: How to photograph insects in amber? Here is the solution!
Update 17/04/2021: Added some Elateridae Coleoptera in Dominican amber sub-section
Update 17/04/2021: The Tube system
Update 16/04/2021: Radiolaria – Chitinozoa – Tentaculida added in the Microfossil section
Update 16/04/2021: Link Section populated with some useful external links