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Active in the field of paleontology, GIS, and extreme macro-photography, this website gives an overview of my portfolio and ongoing journey in documenting the amazing wonders of nature.

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Update 05/05/2022: Text updated inHow tho photograph insects in amber
Update 26/04/2022: See you at the PALEOTIME NL event the 30/04/2022!
Update 31/03/2022: updated the Dome diffuser page
Update 06/03/2022: Added a new menu Flocking!
Update 14/01/2022: Added a new menu Glossary
Update 09/01/2022: Helicon Focus or Zerene Stacker?
Update 29/12/2021: How to create a nice mirrored image? HERE!
Update 14/12/2021: Short tube lens
Update 12/12/2021: Glycerol yes… glycerol no
Update 10/12/2021: a new OGGLAB bell diffuser? Here is a short test
Update 01/12/2021: Sub-stacking in Helicon Focus
Update 23/11/2021: How to create a Mosaic with Adobe Photoshop
Update 20/11/2021: Calculate the magnification paragraph is added
Update 14/11/2021: Vibrometer app
Update 12/11/2021: Text updated inHow tho photograph insects in amber
Update 12/11/2021: The MKJZZ vertical Stand
Update 20/10/2021: Added a GIF animation that shows the stacking process
Update 10/10/2021: Added a recension on the book Frozen Dimensions
Update 09/10/2021: A new great tool from the OGGLAB Laboratory
Update 30/08/2021: For my German friends: from HERE you can download the paper published in the Fossilien Revue 🙂
Update 15/08/2021: I’ve recovered a HUGE number of ambers from a friend collector, with unbelievable specimens! Take your time to have a look on my Facebook page, where I publish the acquired images nearly every day
Update 09/07/2021: A new paper is published on the revue Fossilien.
The coverage illustrate a small foraminifera acquired with my setup.

Update 29/05/2021: Added two ants on amber from Baltic Sea
Update 05/07/2021: Cylindrical Lighting system, updated version
Update 24/05/2021: Diffusers & Results
Update 22/05/2021: Before and After
Update 19/05/2021: Creating a bar scale
Update 17/05/2021: Cylindrical LED lighting system (updated)
Update 13/05/2021: Added new very nice mites in Amber from Baltic
Update 11/05/2021: Added an unbelievable detailed mite in Amber from Baltic
Update 08/05/2021: Added lot of new insects in Amber from Baltic
Update 01/05/2021: Post Processing of the Images
Update 25/04/2021: The Depth of Field
Update 24/04/2021: The acquisition System
Update 22/04/2021: Another wonderful coleopter with open wings is added in Baltic amber section
Update 21/04/2021: An AMAZING Petalium sp. is added in Baltic amber section
Update 20/04/2021 : Added a nice Platygastridae and Aphidoidea in Baltic amber section
Update 17/04/2021: How to photograph insects in amber? Here the solution!
Update 17/04/2021: Added some Elateridae coleoptera in Dominican amber sub-section
Update 17/04/2021: The Tube system
Update 16/04/2021: Radiolaria – Chitinozoa – Tentaculida added in the Microfossil section
Update 16/04/2021: Link Section populated with some useful external links