On this page are listed few links to websites, technical products, personal sites from where you can find (and I’ve found) information about Extreme macro techniques, tools, data, fossils store, and others…
Far to be exhaustive, please contact me to populate this list.

Extreme Macro & other lab tools:

THE reference in Extreme macro:
Allan Walls Photography (another great reference):
Test of optics and objectives:
Rails and tools for Extreme Macro: &
Small but very professional laboratory:
Facebook Forum on Extreme Macro:
Facebook Forum on Focus Staking:

Stacking software & Post-Processing:

Helicon Focus:
Zerene Stacker:
Topaz Software:


Amber seller from Lithuania:
Amber seller from Lithuania:
One of the rarest that describes (a bit) of acquisition technique:
Levon Biss:


Fossil and Book and Models seller:

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