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My experience in image processing, artistic skills and a deep passion for the earth sciences have resulted in publications on the evolution of trilobites, scientific and artistic collaboration with national and international museums.
See my Researchgate account for more information about my scientific activities and collaborations.

TRILOBITI – Guida essenziale al riconoscimento e classificazione (2019)

Expanded and updated version of the 2009 edition of the Back to the Past Guide to Trilobites (2010).
Contains an updated classification of the orders of Trilobites, additional chapters on ontogeny, colors, origin, new sites not included in the English version, and A2 size poster on the Order of Trilobites.
Language(s): Italian.
Format: 486 pages, size 21 x 28cm, flexible cover, printed on glossy paper.

Price: 65€

Spiagge Cambriane – Meduse e tappeti algali (2018)

A must have for professional paleontologist, collectors and any one who wants to discover a world once made up of 98% of water and now engraved on hard stone. A fully illustrated book on fossil jellyfish and relatives, the processes of fossilization that led to their conservation, their relationship with algal mats, and much more….

Focusing on organisms related to cnidarians, from the Chinese lower Ediacara period up to the Oligocene of the French Provence. You will find astonishing and unpublished fossils, dioramas reconstructing the environment in which these organisms lived and that led to the development of the current jellyfish.

Besides jellyfish, it covers creatures that shared the same ecological niches long time ago, such as cnidarians, vendobionts, algae, and sedimentary structures associated with colonies of cyanobacteria, pseudo-fossils and sheds a light on fake fossils.

Language(s): Italian. English language version expected in 2021
Format: 232 pages  full colour book, size 20x20cm, 40 x 40 cm poster included.

Price: 50€

The Back to the Past Museum Guide to TRILOBITES (2010)

This book is an overview of most of the trilobites on display at the Back to the Past Museum at the Azul Sensatori Hotel in Cancun, Mexico. The book is characterized by two parts, where the the first is an extensive introduction to the trilobites (their origin, the anatomy, the ecology, the classification, the Orders…), and the second part, contains the description of more than 30 sites distributed throughout the planet. For each site there are multiple plates with images in full color of the most important specimens (but also very rare species) exposed in the museum collection, from private collectors, research institutes and museums. The information in the volume is updated thanks also to the contribution of worldwide specialists in the paleontology domain.
Not only trilobites, but in the volume are also reported the organisms that shared the same ecological niche, their traces, and some specimens still preserve the remains of soft parts (such as legs and antennae).
The cover is rigid, and includes a large folded poster of the trilobite Orders.

Please contact me to reserve yours!

Language: English.
Format: 500 pages  full colour book, size21x28cm, poster included.

Price: 90€

The Back to the Past Museum Trilobite viewer

An online tour of the most important places where Trilobites have been found, and an ideal interactive companion map to accompany the Back to the Past Museum Guide to Trilobites book.

Click on the image to access to the platform.


Frozen Dimensions – The Fossil Insects and other Invertebrates in amber

Finally, the book “Frozen Dimensions – The Fossil Insects and other Invertebrates in amber” by Zhang Weiwei (2017) has arrived.

With the 692 full-color pages, it is a decidedly huge volume, with his easy to recognize yellow hardcover, the book is characterized by the presence of an impressive number of nicely organized color plates very well illustrated. Despite being written in Chinese, the organisms represented carry Latin nomenclature, so even if you’re not a native Chinese speaker, it’s extremely easy to navigate through the various images and chapters

Mainly devoted to the faunas of Burma, there are references and images of specimens present in the Dominican and Baltic ambers. The print quality is good, as is the binding.

The book begins with three double-page color plates depicting the paleo environment in which amber deposition occurred, with some iconic insects, followed by about thirty descriptive pages on the history of amber and its deposits (presumably Chinese). The rest of the volume is a florilegium of detailed photographs (2000 images…!), reporting more than 600 species of invertebrates, 6 Phyla, 12 Classes and 67 Orders. The fourth part deals with fossil evidence of animal behavior, such as mimicry, feeding, predation, reproduction, parasites… concluding with the 5th part related to the preservation of insects in amber and the amber itself, such as -the horrible- delamination phenomena.

Although it is very difficult to find and relatively expensive (I was so lucky to find my copy on Amazon…), it is a book that should not be missing from the library of amber collectors, paleo-entomologists, jewelers and university students.

Author: Zhang Weiwei
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 9787562499077
Published on: 2017-04
Site web :

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