The tube system

What does the tube system that I use to acquire the images look like? It took quite some time to define the set up, and lot of tests (lot!) but, looking at the results that I’m able to obtain, I think that this technical step is definitive.
I do not add anything new to the actual knowledge in the domain of extreme macro, and there are lot of websites where you can find more information on “how-to” create your set-up. Here is mine:

A: Objective
B: 37-M26 adapter (can vary in function of the objective model)
C: 58-37 step down ring
D: 62-58 step down ring
E: 58-42 step down ring
F: 42-43 step up ring
G: Raynox 150 lens reversed
H: 49-49 male to male adapter
I: 42-49 step up ring
J: 42mm MJKZZ-VLE variable length extension tube (adjustable from 20mm to 30mm)
K: M42 – Nikon mount camera
L: Nikon reverse mounting 52mm
M: Extension tubes internally flocked (diameter 57mm, 3x 28mm + 1x 14mm + 1x 7mm) –> the total length (and the number of tubes) can vary in function of the photo camera used.
N: M42 to camera mount
O: 57-58 female to female ring to connect the SONY body camera
P: Camera
Q: Clamps with screws (3x 57mm internal diameter)
R: 160mm long double Arca Swiss compatible plate

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