This section is dedicated to amber, a fossil resin, which like a treasure chest contains small, invisible treasures. In this section I will share photographs obtained using extreme macro techniques.

All the images are acquired with the specimen submerged in glycerine, using as a objective a inverted Schneider-Componon 50mm/f2.8, a Mitutoyo QV 2.5x or a Nikon 10x Plan. More the magnification is higher, more the light diffraction in the amber affect the quality of the image. At magnification greater than 10x is difficult to obtain good quality images, except if the subject is really close to the amber surface.

Baltic amber, Upper Eocene (Priabonian-Bartonian)

Dominican Amber, Oligocene to Miocene

Myanmar (Birmany) Amber, Upper Cretaceous (Cenomanian)

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