About me…

Enrico Bonino

Geologist, Editor, GIS consultant and software trainer @ Esri BeLux, amateur paleontologist specialized in trilobites, Precambrian life… and amateur extreme macro photographer.
I hold a degree in Earth Sciences (University of Genoa) with a specialization in Stratigraphy and Paleontology. Originally from Italy, nowadays I live and work in Belgium.

I’m scientific curator of the Back to the Past Museum (Cancun, Mexico), author and editor of scientific books (four at today) and articles on Paleozoic arthropods, fossil lagerstätten, and trilobites.

My skills in digital image processing, mathematical morphology, artistic skills and a deep passion for the earth sciences push me to explore the possibilities of extreme macrophotography for microfossils and insects trapped in amber, offering a bright new look at the tiny wonders of nature.

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