Dal 22 Gennaio il nuovo libro ‘Spiagge Cambriane. Meduse e Tappeti algali’ sarà infine disponibile.


The book

From 22th January 2019 my new book  ‘Spiagge Cambriane. Meduse e tappeti algali’ will be available.

It concerns fossil jellyfish (and cnidarian in general) and their relation with algal mats, as a principal factor of the taphonomy of these soft-bodied organisms.

The 232 pages book is rich of inedit illustrations coming from worldwide private and public collections, wonderful dioramas and includes a nice poster resuming the paleogeography and sites where these fossils come from. The first print will be limited (250 copies) and currently available in Italian only.

Have a sneak preview (introduction, table of contents, few pages randomly choosed, bibliography and index) here:

If interested,  reserve your copy here  (no obligation).
You willbe contacted when the book is available for sale.



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