First feedbacks

I’m very happy about the first feedbacks received from the book customers, here I copy/paste some of the first messages :

– The book is a work of art—beautifully layed out, and masterfully illustrated. I can’t comment on the text yet. It will take me some time to translate it in pieces using Google Translate. (C.K.G, Wisconsin, USA)

– Just opened the book and it is visually absolutely magnificient! Very much look forward to start browsing. (S.J., Spain)

– Mon épouse ****** qui ne lit pas l’anglais mais pratique l’italien est ravie d’avoir un livre magnifiquement illustré dont elle va pouvoir savourer le texte! (G.C., France)

– Complimenti Enrico, ho visto la presentazione, hai fatto un lavoro magnifico! […] Avendo una buona esperienza editoriale posso affermare che *** ha perfettamente ragione: i complimenti te li meriti tutti! (G.R., Italia)

-The book is more than fantastic, WOW! What a good work ! Again very good reconstructions you mad, I can understand the language 😉
Super photo’s and the very good poster, yes I will tell it in my network! It came in very good order, so the box works well! I mean you made 😉 (P.H., The Netherlands)

– I read every day in the book, and always discover new informations and aspects! (U.M.T., Germany)

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